Nón – Contemporary Dance

Nón is a contemporary art project. It is a combination between comtemporary dance with Vietnamese traditional music. The idea came from May, 2014 when two artists Vu Ngoc Khai and Ngo Hong Quang first met in Ho Chi Minh city and discovered that they both were educated contemporary art in the Netherlands. Then, they started their own project, Nón in January, 2015 in Amsterdam, Holland.

Ơi Print Magazine

Ơi is a high quality, glossy city magazine in English targeting expat residents, travellers and English speaking Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City. Content includes travel, fashion, food, dining out and features about life and people in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ơi Digital Magazine

All Ơi Vietnam issues are now viewable online at

Metro Solutions – Asia

Marketing your products to people from a foreign culture can be a daunting challenge for both Asian and Western businesses. That’s where Metro Solutions steps in – to help you deliver your marketing and branding message to your target audience with style and confidence.

Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA) Melbourne 2015

Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA) Melbourne 2015 Magazine layout for AGHA ( The official convenor of the industry and a trusted forum for gift and homewares best practice, community and belonging.
© Collaboration with Nguyen Pham.

Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA) Sydney 2014

Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA) Sydney 2014 Magazine layout for AGHA ( The official convenor of the industry and a trusted forum for gift and homewares best practice, community and belonging.
© Collaboration with Nguyen Pham.

The Shroom

A short-page magazine with hilarious satire news
Visit for more articles.

MAX Asia™ – Flyer

Design a Vietnamese promotion flyer for MAX Asia™ Japan

D-Lens Shop – Business Card

Personal namecard - front and back

Buy Nails Direct – Brochure

Design a draft brochure for Buy Nails Direct

Pro Fitness Magazine

The best source for exercise, health and nutrition advice, and information on exercise programs, building muscle and athletic performance. Vietnamese Only. (See more here)

KALANI Poster on LED Display Panel

Design and layout advertising posters (on led display panel) to promo Kalani shoes. Placed in elevator of highly popular buildings: The Flemington, Le Dai Hanh st, D11; Liberty Citypoint, Pasteur st, D1; Pico Plaza, Cong Hoa st, Tan Binh district; Maximark, 3 Thang 2 st, D10...

iVIET – Mobile Apps UI

Design an UI for a mobile app Q&A, familiar to Quora, but in Vietnamese. Created by Vietnamese for Vietnamese. Get it here: APPLE iOS

Manda Food – Brochure, Voucher, Standee

Designed brochures, vouchers, and standee booth for a small company that offers a variety of great tasting honeys and jelly distributed from Dalat, Vietnam (Vietnamese only).

Manda Food – Html email

Create an html email through email server to send to customers about news and promotions (Vietnamese only).

Manda Food – Facebook Promo

Facebook Promotions with vouchers (Vietnamese only).

City Pass Guide INNOVO JSC

Advertise designs for clients featured in City Pass Guidebooks.

City Pass Guide – Vietnam Guidebooks

My responsibilities were to design ads, mockup photos, make maps, organize contents and texts in the guidebooks.

City Pass Guide Apps

Vietnams Premium Travel Application for mobile phone Get them here: ANDROID APPLE iOS

ITC SPA Inc – Promotion Advertisements

Ad designed for newspapers and periodicals ITC Spa Inc pedicure chairs are on sale for fall promotion.

ITC SPA Inc – Brochures

Ad designed for flyer and brochure to advertise ITC Spa Inc. new pedicure chairs and its features to customers.

YOHI Yogurt Brand and Banner

Banner designs to promote regrand opening of Yohi Yogurt in Vietnam

Voice of Expression Manifesto Book

A 12-tenet book that I came up to show colleagues the processes of into graphic design.

Voice of Expression Guitar 3D Object

A book holder I designed that goes along together with the manifesto book. Materials: cardboard and black acrylic.

Voice of Expression Poster

A poster encourages graphic designers to gather together for the event. Obtain new ideas while having fun.

“Operation : T.E.R.R.O.R.S” Book

A word-illustrated dictionary book based on a detective story for readers to read, interact, memorize the words.

SONY Ericsson Billboard Design

Billboard design for SONY Ericsson design contest. Emphasis its new feature one can listen music anywhere.

Pinkberry Yogurt Billboard Design

Billboard design that expresses Pinkberry yogurt is a healthy product to women.

“The Hunger” CD Design

A complete design for a CD. Includes Front and Back Covers, Acknowledgement, Copyrights and Lyrics page.

Museum of Science Aviation Poster

A poster designed for the Aviation department located in Museum of Science, Boston.

Illustration Series

Poster designs with a theme based on personalities, commercials, scenes, etc...

“Vote Me for President” Brochure

A brochure designed for a seminar class during the Election 2008, features a new faux party that stand up for the citizens. Graded A for excellent design and idea.

Traditional Printmaking Print

One of the print series I made when studying the traditional way of making prints with a rolling machine at Cal Poly Pomona University. It was showcased in the ENV student hall.

Strength Photo Manipulating

A photoshop manipulation shows how a man can use his inner force to send things away.


Phượt Saigon

Bike, mountain climbing accessories... etc
Visit for info about their services.


Bike equipments, mountain climbing, shirts, accessories... etc
Visit for info about their services.

Gooface – SEO Analytics Service

Design a brand logo: with hidden message a face with a horn for communicate with double O's infinity symbol. An internet marketing agency that change the way businesses speak, listen and share online.

Visit for info about their services.

Vietnam MTB – Mountain Bike Shop

Design brand logo for a shop selling imported high quality of mountain bikes and events in Vietnam.

Visit: for more details.

ACE Land – Renting Properties

Design a brand logo for a renting properties business company. ACE Land is part of ACE family business company.

Visit: for all your renting needs.

ACE Cheap – Electric Applications Shop

Design a brand logo for a store that sells electronic application parts. ACE meaning excels at a particular tasks; the Ace card, highest card in a suite card games; and abbreviate for Anh, Chị, Em in Vietnamese (Brother, Sister, and younger siblings - a family business)

Visit: for more info.

KALANI – Shoe Shop

Brand logo for Kalani shop

D-Lens Shop

Design a brand logo for a friend, Duy's brand new shop selling varieties of import contact lens from S. Korea and nearby countries.

Buy Nails Direct

Design a brand logo for an United States Nails Retailer / Spa Distributor in Vietnam

Yohi Yogurt – Hello Yaourt

Identity system creation

Museum of Science, Boston – Aviation

Identity system creation: logo, letterhead and mail envelope for the Aviation department of the MOS Boston.

Pyramid Sports and Equips

An identity logo for Pyramid Sporting Goods and Equipments shop in monochrome.

Crystal Pond Beverage Company

An identity logo. Also created in flash version and accompanied with the creation of its website below.

MHS Counseling Department

Logo for MHS counseling dept. Simple, clean and it must read: Dream it, Believe it, Do it.

Water Corporation Inc.

Logo design for the water corporation company distributes water throughout the city.

T & T Flowers

Logo design for a small flower shop. It was created cute, colorful, and in a professional way.

United Gordon Law Firm

An identity set: a logo and its brand name defines a private law firm.

Kung’s Gourmet Kingdom

Logo design for a gourmet restaurant. Red and yellow are the owner's favorite colors and the insignia centered.

J & P Tiles Wholesale

Logo design for a tiles wholesale company. The variety colors and shapes on logo indicates the tiles' characteristics.

Ever Green Co. Recycle

Logo for a recycle company. Color green indicates the healthy environment and the tree for liveliness.


Favorite Game Omodaka Promo Video

A motion video project for music chart features ocean breezes and traditional Japanese folk vocals. (8MB)

UNIQLO Apparel Promo Video

An online advertise promo video features many photos compiled together to promote shopping. (5MB)

Hello Kitty’s 30th Anniversary Promo

A promotion video features Hello Kitty plays hide-and-seek with her partner (rock-sign gesture). (5MB)


Ơi Vietnam Website – PROPOSE

Bring to you news, restaurants, travel Vietnam experiences ONLINE.

ACE Land – Real Properties for Rent Website

Online website for expats and long term foreigners to search and find their perfect real properties for real. Responsive website - easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Kalani Shoe Website

Shoe sale online.

ABBO Community – PROPOSED Website

For the ABBO Investment Consultancy & Engineering JSC. Built integrated with XHTML5, CSS, JS.

ITC SPA Inc – Responsive Website

New ITC SPA Inc. Responsive web - to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). Coding by NMT 2014

ITC SPA Inc Website (2011)

For the owner of ITC SPA Inc. Built integrated with HTML, CSS, JS, and Flash.

Crystal Pond HMTL Website

For the owner of CPBC. Built with HTML and Javascript for a simple fresh look, easy to navigate and friendly use.

Personal Flash Website

A flash version of my online portfolio website utilized Actionscript coding.

Sudden Death : The State of Art

A website of a fictional video game features human-flesh characters battle for survival on a famous console.

Personal Portfolio Site (Demo I)

A website series I build to demonstrate for a client when I freelanced web developer at a small company.

Singer Official Site (Demo II)

A website I build to demonstrate for a client. The client can open the file and edit the information themselves.

1PACIFIK Band Site (Demo III)

Another website I build to demonstrate for a band. Using Flash, Actionscript, HTML and CSS.

XBand Band Site (Demo IV)

Another website I build to demonstrate for a band. Using Flash, Actionscript, HTML and CSS.